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April 5, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 6: Behold the King. – Paul Woodcock.

During the current restrictions due to COVID-19, we are recording a short service.
It may be viewed here. This week’s service is fully sub-titled.

Matthew 21: 1-17.
Who is Jesus? What were you expecting?

March 29, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 5: A child-like approach. – Paul Woodcock.

During this time of not being able to meet because of COVID-19, we will be uploading links to a video recording of the sermon placed on YouTube.
There will be two formats;

A short service including prayers, confession, reading sermon and blessing (~35 mins):
Reading and sermon only (~20 mins):

Matthew 18: 1-9.
What is greatness? All are valued and loved by God before whom we are humble and on whom we can depend and trust.


March 22, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 4: Failure of His followers. – Paul Woodcock.

Matthew 17: 14-21; Psalm 23.
Faith in God in times of trouble.

March 15, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 3: Glory of His presence. – Paul Woodcock.

Matthew 17: 1-13.
Being touched by God’s presence to enable us to keep going on our  journey as Christians.

March 8, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 2: Cost of discipleship. – Paul Woodcock.

Matthew 16: 21-28.
What it cost Jesus to be the Messiah and us in finding eternal life by following Him.

March 1, 2020 – Glimpses of Jesus. 1: Confession of His nature. – Paul Woodcock.

Matthew 16: 13-20.
The need to recognise, as did Peter, that Jesus is THE Messiah and act accordingly.

February 26, 2020 – Ash Wednesday – Signs of the times. – Paul Woodcock.

Matthew 16: 1-12.
A brief overview of Matthew 1-16 in preparation for a new sermon series for Lent on some characteristics of Jesus, concluding with the disciples misinterpreting the signs indicated by the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

February 23, 2020 – Mission Sunday – The parable of the loving father. – Adrian Lane.

Luke 15: 11-32.
Adrian Lane (Victorian Regional Officer, BCA)  puts the loving nature of the father of the so-called prodigal son and his brother into a modern context. Similarly, God loves everyone as they are where they are. BCA’s mission is to take the message to everyone in Australia, especially in the outback.

February 23, 2020 – Mission Sunday – The work of Bush Church Aid Society. – Adrian Lane

Prior to a sermon on the day’s Bible reading, Adrian Lane (Victorian Regional Officer, BCA) outlined the work of BCA with special reference to Victoria and showed a video prepared for the Centenary in 2019.
The sound track, which is self-sufficient, is included herein, but the video may be viewed at


February 16, 2020 – Living in the world – Dependence or Independence – Paul Woodcock

Rev 7:9-17; Matthew 6:19-24.
To live dependent on God or Independent from God. Where is your treasure.

February 9, 2020 – Living in the world. 2: Growing in grace. – Paul Woodcock.

James 3: 13-18; Luke 14: 1-14.
Nurturing our relationship with God to know more of His mercy to us enables us to show mercy to others and live a “good life” in the Godly sense as distinct from the normal worldly meaning of the term.

November 24, 2019 – Bible Themes. 4: Temple. – Paul Woodcock.

1 Peter 2: 4-10; Revelation 21: 22-27; John 1: 10-18.
Reminding ourselves of who we are in God. His OT dwelling place in the Temple transfers to Jesus living in believers.
The Bible Project video whose sound track in included may be viewed at