Our Leadership Team

Should you wish to contact anyone on this list for more information, please leave a message via one of the methods on the Contact page.

Minister The Rev. Paul Woodcock
Kids Hope Coordinator Cheryl King
Churchwardens Cheryl King
Norman Pilkington
Linda Rewbridge
Parish Council Robyn Falconer
Louise Hellman
Ian Lyons
Lois Pilkington
Keryn Rivett (Vestry Secretary)
Brian van Twest (Honorary Treasurer)
Synod Representative Brian Allen
Lois Pilkington
Parish Secretary and Pew Sheet Editor Lois Pilkington
Op Shop President Brian van Twest
Playgroup Margaret Allen
Cheryl King
Guild Robyn Rigby
Craft Group Jenny Sikma
Small Groups/Home Groups Paul Woodcock
Dromana Men’s Christian Group Vacant
Dromana Women’s Christian Group Lynne Irving
Keryn Rivett
Choir Nola Meates
Holiday Club Cheryl King