St Mark’s Minister

The Rev. Paul Woodcock


Paul is married to Emma and they have two sons.

He trained for the Ministry in England (at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham) and was ordained Deacon in 1999 and Priest in 2000. He was curate in a rural Nottinghamshire parish, curate in charge in New Malden, and then worked in Ambleside as an associate priest and University Chaplain.

In November 2010 Paul was inducted as Priest -in-charge of this parish and became Incumbent in November 2014.

Paul has an interest in old Land Rovers.

Paul is an Evangelical who is grounded and rooted in scripture and seeks to apply it in all areas of life. When preaching, he seeks to apply God’s Word to everyday circumstances so that all can see how the Bible applies to everyday life and the difference it makes.

Paul is passionate about the teaching of Scripture, and believes it is important in bringing about growth in spiritual maturity for the church, whether from the pulpit or personal study or in home/small groups.