What we believe.

Our Anglican Diocese of Melbourne web site summarises what Anglicans believe here.
Subject area pages under the ‘Being a Christian’ heading provide information about Faith and Worship in the Diocese and how these may vary between Parishes.

Here at St.Mark’s, our core values are:

 God: Our greatest commitment is to God, revealed to us in the scriptures as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – to worship Him with our whole lives.

 Bible: We are grounded, teach and are shaped by the study of God’s authoritative word.

Prayer: We humbly depend on God through prayer, personally and corporately, calling on Him to work through us, sustain us and grow us.

 Community: We love Christ’s church and the community we have with one another in it and share our lives with each other.

 Empowering: We equip disciples to use their God given gifts for building up the church

 Evangelism: We love people and long for them to be disciples of Christ, and know that they need to respond to the Gospel as it is proclaimed to them.

 Serving: We love the world that God has made, and want to serve Him in it to bring justice and transformation through the reign of Christ.