St Mark’s Vicars

St Mark’s (as part of the Parochial District of Sorrento).

1886-1890 The Rev. Arthur Chase
1891-1898 The Rev. Frederick Willcox
1899-1902 The Rev. Mervin Whitton
1903-1914 The Rev. Edwin Charles Rodda
1914-1915 The Rev. Richard Sherwood
1916-1918 The Rev. Eric Thornton
1918-1920 The Rev. William Henry Henderson
1920-1923 The Rev. Edwin Warner
1923-1924 The Rev. Frank Ellis Thornton
1924-1926 The Rev. Harry Joseph Harvey
1926-1935 The Rev. Charles Lee
1935-1941 The Rev. Godfrey Hughes
1941-1947 The Rev. Clifton Plessy Brown
1947-1959 The Rev. E.D. Kent
 (continued at Sorrento/Rye until 1969)

St Mark’s (with Rosebud & McCrae).

1960-1974 The Rev John Davies
1974-1984 The Rev. Eddie Smith
1984-1988 The Rev Murray Morton
 (continued at Rosebud/McCrae until his retirement in April 2010)

St Mark’s (with St George’s Red Hill)

1988-1995 The Rev. Bill Peacock
1995-2004 The Rev. Peter Williams
2004-2009 The Rev Brian Westaway

St Mark’s (as an independent Parish)

2010-(Feb) 2022 The Rev Paul Woodcock